The Golden Lamb ....
Tales from the Innside    by  Fred Compton
Gerry and Janet Nagel
1701 N. Indiana Avenue
Auburn, Indiana  46706
Fred Compton, author of The Golden Lamb, Tales from the Innside,
is scheduled to appear at the show for book signings.  Also, there are special
times that Mr. Compton will be reading passages from his book.
Signed books
will be available
at the show.  

Also, the Museum
will have items from
their celebrated
Shaker collection
on display
at the show.
In its over 200 year history the Golden Lamb has played host to numerous
authors, statesmen and twelve United States Presidents.  But not all the history
of this venerable institution revolves around its famous guests and its one of a
kind collection of American furniture and priceless Shaker antiques.

The Golden Lamb .... Tales From the Innside  takes readers behind the scenes
of this landmark restaurant and hotel and offers up a unique perspective on
the inn and its history.  From the hotel's disastrous fire to the funeral home
furniture in the lobby, to the quilt that wouldn't die,  
The Golden Lamb Tales
From The Innside
is a loving, though sometimes irreverent, exploration of this
centuries old establishment which has become a tradition with over ten
generations of Americans.

Fred Compton began his working career at the age of fifteen as a busboy at
The Golden Lamb in Lebanon, Ohio.  He worked there throughout high school
and college.  After graduating Miami University with a journalism degree,
Fred came back to The Golden Lamb for what he thought was a "summer
job."  He wound up staying twenty-eight years.